Education System in USA

Education System in USA

After completing high school, a diploma will be granted to the students.

The students can now enroll in a college or university, which is known as “higher education” They can apply in undergraduate school that can be a community college, liberal arts college, or part of a larger research university.

Bachelor’s level education normally starts after finishing 12 years of study in primary and secondary school. Bachelor programs last for four years and can be taken on different types of colleges.

The first two years will tackle on a variety of classes like literature, science, the social sciences, history, and others. This is to provide the students with general knowledge and prepare them in choosing their specific field of study.

Community colleges allow you to enroll in an Associate Degree of two years. After finishing the Associate Degree, the students can now go to upper-division colleges and complete the remaining two years for Bachelor’s degree. The American higher education system is also flexible and students can change their major a number of times.
Universities can also give scholarships to students who cannot afford their expenses. A student may also request a loan or work part time to cover the expenditures.

A college graduate with a bachelor’s degree can enter graduate study for certain professions afterward. Graduate programs in pursuit of a master’s degree usually last one to two years to finish. Most master’s programs are attended in a classroom and require a long research paper called a “master’s thesis”

Graduates students who want to pursue a doctoral degree can do so by meeting the requirements. It normally takes three years to acquire this degree, but may take five to six years for international students.

Students need to earn enough credit hours to make it to the qualifying exams. After passing the qualifying exams, they begin writing their dissertation, which will be orally defended later.