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DST Courier terms and condition of use and sale

DST Courier and our contact details

DST courier operates the dstcourier.com website. We are registered in the USA and basically we have headquarters in the USA. Our office address in USA at 43 Savannah Hill, Dr, St Peters, MO 63376.

You can contact us through our Email info@dstcourier.com

Phone Number - (314) 472-5731


Accepting our terms

You are Accepting our terms by using our site. If you do not agree on it please do not use our site. Before accessing our website you should be completely aware of our terms and conditions and ensure to read it very carefully. We also recommend you to make a copy of these terms and conditions for future reference.


DST Courier business operations

DST Courier international provides a platform between the buyer and seller to sell and receive the products or services provided by the third parties. We basically, act as mediators to get products or services at your doorstep. We DST courier are not responsible for the quality of the products or any other malfunctions occurs to the product after the delivery. For all products related enquires you must contact the service provider. We work with our service providers to help them bring products and services to you at your doorstep or wherever you needed. We will try to guide you if you face any problem but we are not responsible for the functionality of products and services after delivery.


Other terms you must have a look

  1. Our Privacy Policy, have the terms and conditions on which we process the information or data we have collected from you. The information provided by you should be accurate and you are not permitted to give false information.
  2. Our Acceptable Use Policy, On using our site, you must comply with this Acceptable Use Policy.
  3. By our Cookie Policy you can access the cookies on our website.
  4. On purchasing any products and services from our site, the terms and conditions of supply of the relevant service provider will apply to those services.
  5. DST Courier do changes to the terms from time to time. Please check these terms and agree with it while you using our website.
  6. DST Courier may update our website data from time to time. We do not provide any assurance or guarantee about our website data are correct and free from errors.
  7. DST courier may suspend or withdraw our website anytime without prior notice and also we will not assure you that the information provided will always be available on our website.
  8. DST courier provides you user id and password. These credentials should be kept very confidential and should not disclose to anyone. We have the authority to disable your account if you happen to violate our terms and policy. If your login credentials were used by someone you can mail us to info@dstcourier.com and we take necessary actions.
  9. DST courier is the owner of all data and content provided in our website and we have all such rights reserved. You can only download and use for your personal use. Editing contents like photos, videos, documents and publishing our content is liable to the offence.
  10. DST courier is not responsible for the external link provided on our website. External links in our site are only for information purpose. Other users uploaded information are approved by us. So for such information, we are not responsible.
  11. DST courier is not liable for any loss or damage to the product or services it includes loos of the product defected by virus or any malware. We do not provide any safety procedures in our websites against the virus.
  12. DST courier also not responsible for the sale, profit, loss of your business. Our website is only for domestic use and we do not assure consumers that our website is for commercial use or business purpose.
  13. You must not contact other consumers on this website without our prior approval.


Country Law for any dispute

Consumers should be aware that you and we both agree to the courts of the USA. As per the USA law, the information on our website is governed. For business users, these terms of use are also governed by USA law.