Privacy Policy

In privacy policy us, we, our refer to DST courier, 43 Savannah Hill, Dr, St Peters, MO 63376.



Privacy policy gives you a detail description of what kind of data we collect from you. We also describe in this policy about the usage of your data. The data which you are given will be preserved and we will not reveal your privacy.


Collection of Data

  1. We collect some of your technical data such as your IP address, Location, Name and version of your browser, Operating system you use.
  2. We collect information such as the pages you visited, links clicked, the time you spent on each page.
  3. If you are registered on our website. Then account information such as email address and password are collected by us.
  4. If you provide us with the data like Name, address, Phone number, date of birth. This information is stored in our database.
  5. If you happen to purchase products on our website. Then transaction data of your credit and debit card details get stored in the website.
  6. If you are sending or receiving the parcel. The information such as sender address, receiver address, what item you are doing parcel service and value of the parcel is collected.


Sources of Data

The data we collected is from one of the following sources

  1. Data entered by you while using our website. The details such as personal details, contact details.
  2. We also collect information from the other user who uses our website for parcel services.
  3. Data such as in social network, search information providers are also a source of data.
  4. The browser you use or from the device you use. Because your browser provides us with the certain information when you access our website.
  5. Through cookies, it helps to recognize you when you access our website.
  6. Through IP address we can have the data sources like the pages you visited on our website.


Use of the data collected

The data collected from you serve for the following purposes

  1. For advertising and promotion of material related to your search.
  2. Provide you with better service based on the requirement.
  3. To improve our website by using your feedback.
  4. Take proper actions regarding the complaints and enquiries registered on our website.
  5. Prevent from fraudulent activities.
  6. For proper functioning and management of websites.
  7. Data or information collected from you will be used only legally.


Management of Data

  1. The data collected from you will not be sold, rent or swap for anybody else.
  2. We share your data with a member of our company may be they are subsidiary.
  3. We share your data to suppliers and contractors whenever it’s needed.
  4. We share your data with the payment service providers for the transaction of your payments.
  5. If you are sending the parcel outside the USA. We will share data with the corresponding agents for the delivery of your parcel.
  6. We can also share information in the time of needed legally.


Security of Data

We know the importance of your data so we use the latest technology on our website to keep your data safe and secure. Such as all transfer of data are encrypted with SSL technology. The payment information is up to the payments card industry data security standard. Your data is kept only as for the website needed it. Once it needs over then data is deleted permanently.


Rights about your Data

You have certain rights regarding the data we collected. The rights are

  1. You have the right to ask what data about you we have stored.
  2. You have the right to ask about the process of your data.
  3. You have the right to ask us to update personal data about you.
  4. You have the right to delete any of the information we hold about you.
  5. You have the right to tell us, not to use any of your data.
  6. You have the right to complain about the use of your data to any court of law.


Changes made in the policy

We may update or change the privacy policy whenever it is required. You are Accepting our terms by using our site. If you do not agree on it please do not use our site. Before accessing our website you should be completely read our privacy policy from time to time. Some of the provisions contained in this privacy policy can be terminated by the law or by the notification published anywhere in the site. So you need to check our website then and now.