Sree Alunno’s mission is to showcase ourselves as a guidebook in serving students as best as possible to engage in their queries and reach their objectives. We teach them the best ways in achieving their success. We are recognized and maintain strong relationships with Universities so that we can send our students to those great and most trusted Universities in the United States.

We give our best to make our students’ journey comfortable, convenient and joyful to succeed in their career. We want them to have the best experience by providing the best assistance with their course selection, admissions, visa processing, and other requirements.

Sree Alunno wants to raise students’ expectation higher and makes them reachable.

Recruitment Aim

We will give valuable advice and assistance to which course fits your profile.

We want our students to be competitive and one who knows the real exchange of education, experience, and work. We want students to just relax and study what they love. We offer various services which are cited as follows:

  • Quality advice and Best assistance
  • Counseling for clients
  • Assistance for best university and application process
  • Scholarship for deserving and eligible students
  • Visa Guidance and Process
  • Pre and Post-departure assistance and briefing
  • Assistance for GRE and IELTS type of exams

We are intact with the most reliable support team that will guide our students throughout their journey. We observe excellence in our team, that’s why we can definitely offer exceptional advice and support to our valued clients.